The greatest hero that looks like Dullahan defended the world from evil. That’s the character that you are going to use in this game. Or you can named him the Cursed Knight. Darkness Reborn is an action RPG game that available on a mobile platform. But, the quality matches the console version. Yeah, if you already play this game, you must really know about this fact. Now, I don’t want to talk about the game and how to play it. But, I will give you Darkness Reborn strategy guide. Curious about it? Just see the list below.

Darkness Reborn Strategy Guide

  • Burst Mode: If your character already levels 4, you will unlock the burst features that will increase your attack temporarily. In order to charge the orange gauge until full, you need to beat down your enemies. I suggest you use it regularly whenever the chance. Why? Because it’s recharge quickly.
  • Level Up Your Skill: Whenever your character level up, don’t forget to level up your skill also. The max level of the skill depends on your character level. whenever you have the chance, just upgrade it. Because it’s really helpful in your adventure.

darkness reborn gameplay

  • Skill: There is four skill type in this game. Knowing each of them is really important because you can know the strategy that you will be used.
    • Slot 1: This skill is used for increasing the character evasion. Oh yeah, before I forgot to tell you, even though the skill picture is different the effects it’s same. The different one only on the unique skill.
    • Slot 2: Use this skill to protect you from staggering. Don’t forget to use this skill when you’re in a pinch. It’s really helpful. Also, the cooldown is really quick so, you can use it again and again.
    • Slot 3: It’s about the unique skill of each character. You can try one of them to see the special power. I can give you the list of the skill because it will be quite a long list.
    • Slot 4: The ultimate skill of all. It’s really recommended you save it for a boss battle. Especially, when the boss armor is hard to penetrate, you unleash this ultimate skill to destroy it instantly.
  •  Sols: Yeah, the main currency of the game. It’s really important to progress in the game. Without it, you can’t do anything. Do you want that tragedy to happen? The answer must be no. Worry not, I already find a way to give you Darkness Reborn sols. Is it possible? Of course guys. Anything I do for you. Just visit Darkness Reborn hack to know further about it.

That’s the Darkness Reborn strategy guide that I want to show you. Although it’s very simple, but it’s meaningful. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article about Darkness Reborn game. If you want to ask something about this game, don’t hesitate to write down your comment below.


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