Alien Creeps TD is an interesting tower defense game. Here, you’re not only defending your tower from the attack. But, you also need to choose the suitable hero to attack the enemy base camp. Before that, you need to know what the details about each hero role. Without further ado, just check out the information below about Alien Creeps TD heroes guide.

Alien Creeps TD Heroes Guide | Choose the Best One!


  • Flak: The default hero and the most useful one. Usually, his attack is around area damage with a bomb. Also, this hero can be a tanker. Why? Because his defense and HP gauge it’s quite sturdy.


  • Roxie: This woman is really fearsome. You need to be cautious with her. This dual gun wielder is a good support character that you should use. She can increase the accuracy of your teammates. But, you need to focus on increasing her defense. Because she is quite weak.


  • Skybolt: Do you love air fight? If so, you must use this hero at all cost. Your air fighter will be secure with this hero. The chain gun that he has it’s really powerful. If your attack on the ground doesn’t work, just use this one to attack from the air.


  • Cinder: The real tanker that helps your another hero to move forward. Cinder is the slowest character but he has a good durability. Also, you can use his flamethrower to burn enemy territory quickly.


  • Oracle: If you look on the surface, this girl quite weak. But, on the inside, she has an awesome power. What I like the most from her is she can decrease the opponent status. Also, she can summon a servant to fight alongside her.

So, which hero are you going to add to your team? The choice is yours. Oh yeah guys, I also want to present you the secret tips how to get Alien Creeps TD free gems easily without any hard way. If you curious scroll down your mouse below.

How to Easily Get Free Gems In This Game?

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