You must know about My Talking Tom Game. In this game, you can take care of your virtuals cats like your real animal. You almost can do anything with your beloved pet here. I’m sure you really loved this game because of the cuteness that Tom give all of you. Now, my today topic is about My Talking Tom tips. What should you know about this game? Just see the list below to help all of you play the game effectively.

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My Talking Tom Tips, Check it Now!

  • Manipulate the Time: Time in this kind of game is really crucial. What I the most about this game is the time to take care your cats. Yeah, because it needs lives to care your cat. It’s a real pain to wait until the lives full. But I have one trick for you. Just set the time on your phone until the lives fully recover. I ever try this one and miraculously I regain all my lives again. It’s like a mystery it can happen like this. I think it’s a glitch for the developer of the game.
  • Play the Minigame: Is it important to play a minigame? Of course, it is. You can get many coins by playing it. Not only for refreshing you can earn coins also. You can try all of them to know more about the minigame. And choose the best one that can give you free coins
  • Level Up Your Cat: Why is it really important to level up your cat? Because you can unlock more item purchase in the shop. The higher your cat level, the more items will become available on the store. So, don’t giving up yet to unlock the items.

talking tom gameplay

  • My Secret Way to Get Coins: All of you must already realize it’s not easy to collect the coins. Although you can get it by playing the minigame, the amount you get is little. That’s why you need some support to obtain more. You can visit My Talking Tom cheats to get more coins. I know it’s sound fishy at least you can try it. I already tested it and works like a charm.

What do you think about My Talking Tom tips? Is it helpful for all of you? If so, I’m really glad to hear that guys. I think is enough for today article. If you need My Talking Tom free coins, just use the link that I give you above. I’m sure it can help you to get it. Okay guys, see you all again next time and have a nice day.


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