I’m sure that everyone plays CSR Classic. No one.can resist the addiction of playing this side-scrolling racing game. With the immersive graphics will get everyone’s attention for a long time. For veteran players, there is only one downside of this game and we all know it too well. The downside is how important and expensive the Gold is. Today, I want to share my knowledge about how to get CSR Classic free Gold to your account easily.

I’ve been playing this game for over half a year now and I still love it very much. Even though that I have finished the story missions, I played the multiplayer to prove that I’m the best player in this game. I’ve been through a lot of bankrupt situation. A situation that I’m running out of Gold. And from there, I learn one or two ways about how to get Gold in CSR Classic. If you want to know, read them all below.

How To Get CSR Classic Free Gold Easily

CSR Classic Tips

1. Level Up

This is the natural way for you getting the Gold to your account. You start as level one and you will always cradle your way to the top level. And each time you level up, the game will reward with some nice amount of Gold. It’s an easy way, isn’t it?

2. Boss Fight

If you’re lucky enough, you can get Gold after you won the boss fight. Sometimes they drop free Gold or maybe they don’t drop at all. So, like I said, if you’re lucky enough.

3. Watching Ads

Every game will offer you this way to earn their currency for free. And this also included in CSR Classic Game. By watching ads, you can get a few amount of Gold for free.

4. Use a Tool

The alternative way to get free Gold in this game is by using a CSR Classic Hack tool. That kind of tool will allow you to generate as many Gold as you want for free! There are tons of game tool out there that you can try today.

So, that’s all the tips and tricks you can try to get CSR Classic free Gold easily to your game account. I would suggest you try the number 4 because it’s the best way you can ever try. I’ve used a lot of tool in my gaming experience and the result is amazing.


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