Are you the kind of players that want to get a lot of free Gold in MMX Hill Climb? Have you tried all the tips and tricks for this game? Well, if you haven’t, I just a few great suggestions for you to earn a decent amount of Gold to your account. I’m also a player of this game like you, and I still battling to find the best way to get Gold. Today, I will show you some of my secret tips and I hope it will be useful for you.

The Best Tips To Get Free Gold In MMX Hill Climb

MMX Hill Climb Gameplay

1. Play Stages

This game only uses one currency system and that is Gold. There are lots of monster trucks you can unlock with the currency. You can get some of the Gold by playing the stages again and again. It’s the common easy way to get fast of the currency.

2. Achievement

If you accidentally do something awesome when you play, you will be rewarded with nice shiny Gold. Or maybe you can try to Connect to your Facebook account. Connecting the social media has been the best way farming the currency in every mobile game today.

3. Use a Tool

Since this game is free to download, you cam play it for free but you won’t be easily having fun in the game. It’s because of the expensive in-app purchase system that won’t allow you to get all the Gold easily. Now, my secret way is that by using the MMX Hill Climb Cheats Tool which you can use to generate all the Gold you ever wanted.

Yes, I’m not kidding. This is the best way you can try because a lot of people also have already used the generator tool. It’s free and a fast way getting Free Gold in MMX Hill Climb.


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