Hello dear gamers, how are you today? I hope you still play games with prospers. Today I want to share with you something about the Star Wars Commander game. So you play this game? If you haven’t, you should play this game now because it will offer you tons of fun. This game is a strategy game, so everything must be planned before you launch an action. I have some special Star Wars Commander Tips and Tricks just for you guys. So, if you eager to know what are they, keep scrolling down below my friends.

Star Wars Commander Tips and Tricks

Star Wars Commander Game

1. There’s No Perfect Defense

We all need to know about this aspect. No matter what kind of defense layout you have, you’ll still lose to the enemies. When you put this notion in your mind, you will put your defense layout in the best position to minimize the incoming assault. Minimize the damage, is the only best thing you could do for this strategy game.

2. Do Smart Calculation

Resources are everything in this game. Crystal is the most important thing of all. It used to fasten everything up and bought you some power-ups. You can earn that thing by completing some achievements. Or you can just wait for something to happen and gives you the Crystals. But, when I played the game, I once have experienced an easy way getting free Crystals to my account. I go to a site where it offers me Star Wars Commander Hack.

3. Don’t Rush

When you think you gain the upper hand on your attack towards your enemy, never rush your units. It could be a fatal mistake if you rush all your unit to attack your enemy because in a matter of seconds it all can change 180° and all you’ll see is your fall.

So, that’s all Star Wars Commander tips and tricks I want to share with you. It may be nothing but that is my strategy playing this game. And by the way, I’m choosing the Imperial as my side because they’re awesome + they have Lord Vader.


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