Playing World of Tanks required lots of time to master the game. I myself have played this game for about a year or two now maybe. Today, I want to share something to every player about World of Tanks Blitz tips and some secret tips to handle this game. I know that my 2 years experience probably isn’t enough to say that I’m a master at this game. But hey, I know a thing or two about this game too that I would like to share with you. So, keep scrolling down below to see my tips and tricks.

World of Tanks Blitz Tips and Secret Tricks

World of Tanks Blitz game

1. Choosing Your Tank

This first step is important to do. It’s when you choose your battle machine to accompanied you in the battlefield. There are a lot of choices of tanks in this game, each come with different specifications. Choose the right one and you’re good to go to the next thing.

2. Don’t Give Up With The Grind System

I know it’s so stressful when we need a lot of Gold but we don’t have it to upgrade our arsenal. But then again, I never give up with the grind system. I keep patiently playing the game match by match to earn some few Gold. When things getting harder than I could anticipate I used the alternative way. I found a way to get some free Gold by using a World of Tanks Blitz Hack that a site offers me. I found that alternative way when I surf the web. That’s the best way if you searching for a way to get free Gold my friends.

3. Team Up!

Don’t rush alone. A common mistake that is done by almost every new players of this game. I know that you’re a tank, and you might think that you’re really strong, aren’t you? You may be strong but when the enemies swarm you, you have no chance to defeat them. That’s why you need to team up to defeat them all. Cooperation is the key to gain victory in this game.

That’s all the World of Tanks Blitz Tips and Tricks from me. I hope it’s useful for newcomers. All of the tips came from my own gameplay experience. If you want to dominate this game, you need a lot of practice and patience because it’s a tight competition in the battlefield.


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