Do you want to get your hands on lots of Diamonds for this phenomenal game? Use the Block Story hack tool from us. Use it to generate as many Diamonds as you need in the game. You can get it for free, no need a single dime at all. The hack tool is 100% real and working, we even tested it ourselves, and the results is wonderful. You can receive the Diamond in an instant time! So, what are you waiting for? Use the Block Story Diamond hack now, this is your great opportunity.

Block Story is a game that similar to Minecraft. Like Minecraft, all you have to do is craft the world for you to explore. In this game, you are offered a journey where Dragons are everywhere and you need to hunt them all down. Hunt all the dragons by using a variety of great gear like sword, armor etc. But if you want to get yourself some nice armor and weapon, you need a lot of Diamonds to purchase them. Diamond is the most important thing in the game. It can be achieved by doing some assignment or buy it with real money. But now, we offer you a different way. Use the Block Story generator from us to generate free Diamonds to your game account.

Many people have already felt the successful result of the Block Story hack tool from us. They realize that our hack tool is the best tool because they can get the Diamonds to their account. If you can’t believe it, you can see the image below. The image below is the proof of the hack tool, you can see people testified after using it. Block Story Generator Proof

See all the testimonials above? That is the real proof of our Block Story hack tool. We give you the proof so you can believe that the hack tool is 100% legit and working. It is working because our team of hackers has created it with perfection. Every detail of tool is made with careful. You can see how the hack tool works below.

How Block Story Hack Tool Works

When it come to hacking a game, we have a team of game hackers to help you hack and get ahead in a game. Like this Block Story Diamond hack that we made. We build the hack tool with full attention to every detail that makes it works. The first thing you need to know about hacking is that every game has a server to operate the game.

With the algorithm code that our team creates, we inject the code into the game server. There, the code will start to cracking the game encryption system. When it is cracked, the algorithm code from us will manipulate the value of the Diamonds. The code of the Diamonds is sent right to the designated account of Block Story. So, that is the main line of how the Block Story hack tool works. But, you don’t need to know all about it, all you have to do if you want to get the free Diamonds is just follow the instructions below.

Block Story Diamond Hack Features

1). Anti-Ban: Your account will not getting banned because it is secured with the encryption system.
2). No download: You don’t need to download anything if you want to use the Block Story hack tool.
3). Totally secure: the cheat tool is perfectly secure because we used advanced encryption system.
4). Free to use: You can use the tool and get the Diamonds without spending real money at all!

How To Use Block Story Generator

1). Click the button link below
2). Click “Start Now” on the site
3). Fill your username/email of your game account
4). Select the packages of Diamonds that you need in the game
5). Click “Connect”
7). Please wait while the Block Story Hack tool connecting to the game server
8). Click “OK” when it is finished
9). Check your account
10). Enjoy all the Diamonds in your game

In-App-Purchases VS Block Story Hack

When you play this game, you need to keep in mind that Diamond is everything. is everything because Diamond is the main currency to buy stuff within the game. You can buy stuff like armors, weapons or craft material with Diamonds. But to get it, you need to work really hard because Diamond is hard to come by. If you want an easy way to get it, you can buy it with real money in your pocket.

Buy Diamonds with your money through the microtransactions within the game. There are several packs of Diamonds you could buy with real money. That is the way to get Diamond for some wealthy people. If you are a casual/ordinary player who doesn’t want to spend real money, you could use the Block Story hack tool from us.

You can generate tons of free Diamonds with our tool. And yes, it is completely free to use. How can we give the hack tool for free? Because we just love to help the fellow gamer to get ahead in Block Story. We just want to share happiness with everyone who plays this game. Spread this information to your friends who might need this hack tool right now. The hack tool is free forever!

Hacked Gameplay

When you are playing Block Story with the help of our Block Story hack tool, your gameplay will be a lot easier. Begin your journey with plenty of Diamonds in your storage. At the early game, you could buy all the great stuff from the shop. Buy all the great weapons and armors so you can withstand any attack from your foes. Besides that, you can make yourself stand out from the crowds by equipping them right away.

Those are benefited you can get if you use the Block Story Diamond hack from us. Get all the Diamond you want without ever spending real money for the game. Use the generator now because when else you could get this great opportunity right? Don’t forget to share this information with your friends who might need this generator too.


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