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How To Get The Head Soccer Free Points

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About Head Soccer Game

This game was released on Android platform around the year of 2015. When it first released, many people curious about this game. They thought that this game just another ordinary soccer game, but when they download and play it, it is a whole different expectation. Yes, this game is a soccer game, but the gameplay is far from a soccer game. It is different because if you play this game. It feels like a fighting game but uses soccer ball.

This game has successfully blown the mind of the soccer enthusiast because they never suspect such game ever exist. Download and play this game for yourself, and let’s see what you think of this game. This game is free to play so you can download and play it for free.

What Makes This Game Unique

Head Soccer game is a unique game because you can play a soccer game in a whole different way. The graphics are a 2D but that will not stop the players for getting fun in the game. In this game you will see that all the characters’ head is big like a balloon and your job is just to kick the ball to the other goal, bit your enemy will guard it with his life. That is just a small example of the uniqueness of Head Soccer. Play it and make your own great experience.


There are various modes to play this game like a tournament, head cup, survival, death mode and much more. You have to try all of them because each mode will give you crazy different experience. But for new players, take the arcade mode, because it the enemy is not too hard, perfect for someone new to this game.

Once you try the first arcade mode, try the multiplayer mode where you will head to head with other players from around the world. Score as much as you can to the enemy’s goal and you can win the match. Kick and jump so you can score a goal that will defeat your enemy. You can also kick the ball with furious skill like the fireball kick that has an effect of fire when you kick the ball.

Try every mode in this game and prove yourself to be the best player in this game by dominating the leaderboard. Tons of characters and customization await you in this game. Don’t be hesitate to download this game. It is a great game to kill your boring time. Plus this game has a multiplayer mode where you can compete with other people from around the world and prove yourself as the best.

In-App-Purchases vs Head Soccer Hack

This game offers you tons of characters that representing the whole world. And this game also offers customization for each character in this game. But in order to do that, you will need Points. The point is the main currency for this game. It used to buy all the characters and the stuff to customize them. But like we said, that you will need lots of Points to do that.

To get Points, you either keep playing it for hours until you have enough Points to buy characters, or you can buy it with real money you have. Buying it with real money is the easy way to get Points for the rich people. But for the casual gamer who lack money, they won’t spend a single dollar to buy Points.

But now, we have come with great news for everyone. We have Head Soccer Hack tool so you can generate as many Points as you want to your account for free. Yes, all the Points are free for you and you don’t have to spend a single dollar to us or to anyone. The Points will be sent to your game account in an instant time. Don’t forget to share this awesome information with your friends who might need this hack tool.


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