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Dungeon Hunter 4 is an RPG game where you play as a hero who rises to destroy the dark forces that about to destroy the world. Tons of gears and weapons are waiting for you in this amazing hack and slash game. Equip the best weapons and armors so you won’t be outmatched by your enemy. But the annoying thing about this game is the Gems system. You will always need Gems to improve your character otherwise, you will be overwhelmed by the enemies. Gems are hard to come by, you can only purchase them with real money. But if you want to get free Gems without paying, you can use our Dungeon Hunter 4 Cheats. We provide you the cheat just so we can help fellow gamers get ahead in this game.

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Dungeon Hunter 4 Cheats Features

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How to get Dungeon Hunter 4 Free Gems

1). You need to click the button below
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About Dungeon Hunter 4 Game

This game is an RPG game about a dark entity who come to destroy the world and enslave the humankind. But a hero rises to crush those monsters. In this hack and slash game from Gameloft, you can enjoy hours of fun. This is the predecessor of the game Dungeon Hunter 5.

This game is a free game, so you can download and play it for free. Although that this is an old game. But lots of players still playing this game because it has its own uniqueness in the matter of gameplay. And the graphics are very good for an old game.

What makes this game different

Many people probably think that the Dungeon Hunter 5 is the best one because it is newer and better in some ways. Maybe that is true for some, but for other players, this one is still the best title in the series because the most important thing is that you can play this game even in the low-end device. While the other series is too hard to play on the low-end device.


When you first play this game, you need to choose the type of warrior you want. This game offers you 4 types of the warrior which you can upgrade and develop their skills each time you level up. Play the campaign story where it tells you about the dark entity who rise to destroy the world and enslaved the humankind.

Craft your gears and build a strong character to hack and slash tons of enemies. There are also many bosses who will test your skill to defeat them. Loot them all when you kill all the monsters in the game and who knows you might get the best loot from the boss fight.

Once you tired of the campaign mode, you can try the multiplayer mode where you head to head with other players in a duel or in a team. Prove your skill and declare yourself as the best players in the leaderboards. You need more than skills to win the battle. Your gear also holds the most important aspect to gain victory. Make sure that you have the best armors and weapons at your disposal so you can overpower your enemy.

In-App-Purchases vs Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack

With lots of crafting system and tons of gears to craft, you will need lots of Gems to do them all. Gems are the most important thing in this game. But you will have a hard time collecting them. The easy way to get them is by buying it with real money you have. Buy them with real money and it will deliver instantly to your account.

But what if we tell you we have the better way to get Gems? Use our Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack and you can generate tons of Gems for free without spending. A single dollar. Yes, our tool is really free and it is also 100% real and working. See the proof on the other sections above.

Now this is your chance to make yourself equal as many other players in the game. Our tool is completely free to use and free from any kind of viruses that might damage your device.


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