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For you who don’t know, Star Wars Commander is a Real-time strategy game that played lot similar to Clash of Clans. Your objective in this game is to build a strong base to gather resources and build your strongest troops to destroy the empire, or if you are the empire, you need to crush the rebellion scum. This game can offer you hours of fun, and you can see many memorable characters like Luke, Vader, and Han Solo. But the annoying thing in this game is the Crystals system. You will always need it to build your base. That is why we are giving you this Star Wars Commander cheats so you can cheat your way to get your hands on the Crystals.

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Star Wars Commander Cheats Features

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How To Get Star Wars Commander Crystals for free?

  1. First, you click the link button below
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  3. Fill the username/email that you used to play this game
  4. Choose the amount of Crystals that you need in the game
  5. Click “Connect”
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  8. Check your game account
  9. Enjoy all the Crystals (May the Force be with you)

About Star Wars Commander Game

Which side will you choose? The Light or the Dark side? In this game, you can choose where your allegiance fall. Do you want to support the Rebellion who wants to get rid of tyranny across the galaxy or do you prefer to conquer the whole galaxy and bring order to world with The Emperor? All the option is for you to choose in this epic Star Wars real-time strategy game.

Choose your side, build your base and train your squad to destroy your opponents. Battle with or famous iconic characters of Star Wars like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, and utilize or destroy units like AT-ATs, Speeder Bikes, Wookiee Warriors, and Stormtroopers. Join tons of players around the world to play in this epic combat strategy game.

What Makes This Game Special

If we want to talk about the special thing for this game, this game is already a special one. Why? Because in this game, we can meet again with the famous characters of Star Wars. Every game with the theme of Star Wars is a special one. We always love our Star Wars characters play in a game. And in this game, we can meet all of them.


The first important thing when you play this game is that you have to choose your side. Will you fight for the rebellion and crush the tyranny Emperor? Or you rather choose to join the Dark Side with Lord Vader. Once you choose your allegiance, you can focus on building your base. Build your base with a perfect layout so your base can withstand the attack of your enemies.

Once your base has been build, you will have to train your own soldiers, so you can send them to fight for you against your enemy. Train lots of soldiers so you are always ready for war. Team up with your friends to form strong alliances to destroy your enemy, the more the merrier. And you can also play the campaign mode for extra reward. Play the story of Star Wars Commander and reveal the story of Star Wars.

In-App-Purchases vs Star Wars Commander Hack

When you are on the way of building your base, you will always need Crystals. Crystals are needed to fasten the progress of your building. Without it, your building will take a long time to finish. Same with the soldiers training, you will also need Crystals to fasten it up.

Crystals are hard to get. You will have to play for a long time to get them. The easy way to get it is by buying it with real money you have. Purchase the Crystals with real money and it will arrive instantly in your account. But today, we can give you an easier way. We give you Star Wars Commander Hack so you can generate Crystals for free and in an instant time too. Use our hack too, it is free to use. No need to spend any money to us.


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