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Block Strike is a great FPS game with Minecraft-like graphics. This game has tons of features that can immerse you in hours of play. Plenty of weapons is waiting for you in a multiplayer gameplay. But to get all the best weapons, you will need Gold or Money. Those items are the main currency for this game, and they are not coming easily. If you in dire need of Gold and Money, you can use our Block Strike Cheats. Cheat your way in the game as everybody else did in the game.

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Block Strike Cheats Features

1). AJAX System
2). MariaDB (the most powerful database system)
3). Jetpack High-Speed Server
4). Anti-Buster protection system
5). SPAM Assassin
6). Norton Anti-Virus
7). Bug Killer encryption system

How To Get Block Strike Free Gold and Money

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3). Fill your REAL username/email of your game account
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About Block Strike Game

This addicting FPS game was released for Android around the year of 2014. This game is so popular that 5 million people download and play this game. This game is very popular because it offers multiplayer mode so you can compete against other players from around the world. Prove that you are the best player in this game by shoot every other player in your sight.

This game is a unique game because it offers graphics that look like Minecraft. Feel the game like Minecraft but with guns, lots of guns. Shoot your way to the top of the leaderboards and prove that you deserve to be the number one player of this game. This game is the fun mobile version of Counter Strike.

What Makes This Game Different

Nowadays, there are plenty of FPS shooting games with the 16-bit graphics style. Some of them are great but others just a mediocre game. But this Block Strike is the great one. Because it offers you 15 different modes of gameplay and a plethora of guns. And this game even allows you to customize your weapons with tons of great skins. All in all, this game is a really great game to try on you Android.

Gameplay Of Block Strike

Must you already know many FPS games, right? And you must also know how the game mechanics works. Like in every mobile FPS games, this game has the same gameplay style as others. With the on-screen buttons to move, shoot and reload your guns.

There are 15 different modes if the multiplayer mode in this game which those are:
– Team Deathmatch
– Death Run
– Gun Game
– Hunger Games
– Zombie Survival
– Bunny Hop
– Surf
– Knife Mode
– AWP mode
– Hunter
– Random
– Deathmatch
– King of the Hill
– Arena
– Only
– Juggernaut

And those modes are really fun once you try it. If you are a new player to this game, take the time to get good because not every new player of mobile FPS game is a good player. Takes times and dedication to get good in this game. By practicing and dying a lot, you will learn to become pro gamer of this game.

Tons of guns await you in Block Strike. From pistols, assault rifle, to the one shot one kills AWP sniper rifles. Customize your loadout the way you like. And you can even customize your guns with plenty of amazing skins. The skins will make your weapons stand out from others. Purchase skins to make your guns look more beautiful.

In-App-Purchases VS Block Strike Hack

This game offers you plenty of fun. You can play 15 different crazy game modes. And you can customize your guns with the skins you like. But all of that require Gold and Money. Those are the currencies for this game. Getting Gold and Money is hard in this game. The easy way to get them is by buying it with “Real Money” you have on your credit cards. For casual players, this is a huge problem because without spending real money, you don’t have the chance to defeat other players who spend their money on this game.

That is why today we give you the Block Strike Hack, so you can have the chance to every player who spends their money to buy great weapons. You can generate Gold and Money from our hack tool. And our hack tool is free to use for anyone who is willing to cheat their way to get ahead in the game. We have built you this great hack tool so you can have the chance to win, but keep in mind that it is your skill that determines your victory.
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