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Monster Warlord Cheats Features

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How To Get Monster Warlord Free Jewel

1). Click on the button link below
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About Monster Warlord Game

Welcome to the Monster Warlord where you can hunt and collect all the amazing monsters in this game. Collect plenty of monsters from all the 6 different elements like Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness and Holy! Once you collect them all, make them fight for you in a competitive multiplayer match where you play against other monsters from around the world in real-time gameplay.

This game was released for Android and iOS around the year of 2015. Critics praise it because of the awesome gameplay and unique graphics. Despite that this game is a 2D game, but with great gameplay and effects, the minor setback is unnoticed. Play this game if you are the type of players that love to play monster collecting game. Worth it to try.

What Makes This Game Special

There are other monster-collecting games out there but Monster Warlord still has its own uniqueness that makes it special from others. The special thing about this game is that the variety of monsters are vast. There are even 6 elements of the monsters, can you collect them all? And another special thing about this game is that you can make them fight with other monsters of another player’s.


Monster Warlord is a simple game, all you have to do to play it is just tap on the screen. Tap your screen to attack your enemy and don’t forget to use your monster’s skill to have a chance winning the battle. This game can even do auto battle so you don’t have to do anything, just sit back and enjoy the battle.

Hundreds of monsters are waiting to be captured. Six elements of monsters like Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness and Holy! Combine them all as your squad to get a perfect deck so you can be the unbeatable player. When you have already had all the monsters, you can try your skills in multiplayer mode where you will compete with other players and their monsters in a battle arena. Prove that you are the best monster collector in this game. Dominate the leaderboards with your achievements and other players will see you in respect.

In-App-Purchases vs Monster Warlord Hack

There are lots of monsters waiting for you in this game. But to catch them all, you will need a long time. And you will need lots of Jewel in playing this game. Jewel is used to strengthening your monsters or you can get monsters directly if you purchase it with Jewel.

Jewel is the main currency in Monster Warlord, that is the most important thing in this game. Because if you have lots of it, you can buy anything in this game to get ahead from the others. The only way you get Jewel is by buying it with real money you have in your wallet. But that is a total waste of money. If you want to get lots of Jewel for free, you can use our Monsters Warlord Hack. Once you use our hack tool, you can get the Jewel straight to your account. All of it is free to use. We will not ask a single dollar to you for using this tool.


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