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CSR Classic is a fun game to play. It is a successor of the infamous game CSR Racing. This game features classic cars rather than modern cars. The classic powerful cars await you in this epic drag racing game. Upgrade the engine of your cars to the max and pimp them with tons of customization. Change the paint jobs, wheels, vinyl and much more. But to do that, you will require lots of Gold and Cash. Those are the currencies system in the game. Without them, you can’t customize your car. If you need them but don’t want to spare a single dollar you can use our CSR Classic Cheats. With our cheat tool, you can get as many Gold and Cash as you want to upgrade your car to the limit.

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CSR Classic Cheats Features

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How To Get CSR Classic Free Gold And Cash

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About CSR Classic Game

Everybody must already know the game CSR. It is a free side-scrolling drag racing game where you race your opponent in a duel of hundreds meter from the start to the finish line. It is a successor game from CSR Racing with a modern car, but this one takes all the classic cars to the game.

Plenty of cars is ready to be driven by you. Get on the back of the dashboard of Shelby Mustang GT500, Ford GT40, Plymouth Superbird and other classics models from BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Plymouth, Pontiac, Shelby and more! Pimp them all with crazy customization system where you can change the visuals of your car. And don’t forget to upgrade under the hood with the unstoppable engine. A real experience of drag racing is here download them now!

What Makes This Game Different

The CSR series have released three tittles like CSR Racing 1, 2 and the CSR Classic. All of them has their own uniqueness in a matter of gameplay and the graphics. But these Classic series are ready for you with tons of features like the great customization of your car. All in all, this game can kick away your boredom.


As like in every other CSR tittles, when you first play this game, you will be introduced to the game mechanics of this game. If you are a new player of this franchise, pay heed to the tutorial stage because it will guide throughout the gameplay style of this game. As you finish the tutorial, you will have the option to play the career mode or the online multiplayer mode where you can compete with other millions of players around the world.

For a new player, you better play the career mode because it is good to build up your car first then take the multiplayer gameplay. In your career mode, you can make money to upgrade your car. Once you feel that your car is ready to face the real challenge, head to the multiplayer mode and race against players from all around the world and prove that you are the best racer in CSR Classic. Get all that awesome experience from the game by downloading it for free at Play Store or App Store. See you can beat all the pro racer in the game.

In-App-Purchases VS CSR Classic Hack

It is no secret anymore that the currencies system in this game is annoying. You will need Gold and Cash to buy everything you need in this game. Gold is hard to come by, you only can get them by doing some achievement, but that only gives you a few Gold. Or if you want to spend some real money, you can buy Gold in the game store.

Or the better way is that you use our CSR Classic Hack. With the hack tool from us, you can generate loads of Gold and Cash to your game account. All of them is free, no need to spend a single dollar for using the hack tool. And our tool is 100% real and working without any annoying offer you have to do. Use our tool now, this is your chance!


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