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Zenonia is an amazing game, this game is the 5th installment of the game. It has a good rating on the Plays Store, but there is one thing that makes this game less great. It is the use of Zen currency. Zen is everything in this game, it can be used to buy all the things you want, in order for you to customize your character. Zen can be acquired throughout the game but it is a scarce thing to get. The easy way to get Zen is by buying it with real money through the micro-transaction. You will need lots of money to have enough Zen to buy many things from the game store. But do you want a better way to acquire that Zen? We have Zenonia 5 cheats and you can use it to generate as many Zen as you want.

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Zenonia 5 Hack Features

  • Free to use: Use our hack tool for free, not a single dollar spent if you use it
  • No Download: You don’t have to download any third-party applications to use the tool, just click and get the Zen
  • Free from virus: Our Zenonia 5 Hack is 100% free from any viruses that can damage your smartphone
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How to get the Zenonia 5 free Zen

  1. First thing, you need to click the link below
  2. Next, you click “Start Now”
  3. Then fill the username/email with the same for your game account
  4. Choose the amount of Zen and Gold you need for the game
  5. Click “Connect”
  6. Please wait while our generator connect to the game server
  7. Click “ok” if it’s already finished and then click “Continue”
  8. Check your Zenonia 5 account
  9. Enjoy the free Zen and Gold

About Zenonia 5 Game

This game was released back in the year of 2015 for Android and iOS. This is RPG game genre with unique gameplay mechanics. This game is a freemium game, some of the contents can be purchased with real money.

Long story short, this game is all about a great war which pushes the humankind to the edge of destruction. And a hero who comes from ruins of slum village rising and try to stop the demonic forces to annihilated mankind. From the short explanation, this game proof to be an awesome game to play.

The Special Thing About Zenonia 5

One thing that really immerses player to play this game is the flawless fighting mechanics. You feel like a smooth fight between enemies and smoothly apply your magic skill to your enemy. And the best thing is that you can play online PVP with players around the world! Face other people in a real-time skill-based fighting gameplay.


This game tells the story of a young man who rises and destined to be a knight who stopped the waging war that devastating the mankind. When you first play this game, you can choose to become whatever you like. Plenty of character customization at the beginning allow you to choose tons of possibilities. Make your character look cooler than the others

If you are kind of single player man, take the story and immerse yourself for hours and hours of gameplay. And find out the ending of this amazing Zenonia 5. Or if you are the man who looks a challenge from another player, take the online PVP gameplay. Take part in a real-time fighting with other players around the globe and be the best of them all. But we recommend that you play the single player campaign first, just so you can fully grip the gameplay mechanics of this game.

Equip yourself with tons of options for weapons, armors, and skills to be the best character in the game. Many fun things you can do in Zenonia 5 just waiting for you to come. This game is worth a play.

In-App-Purchases vs Zenonia 5 Hack

With plenty options of customization, you will need lots of Zen and Gold. Those are the currencies used in the game to buy stuff. You can get them in the game, but it will take forever until you have enough Zen and Gold to buy the stuff you want.

But now, we offer you something special, we offer you Zenonia 5 Hack tool for free. We give you the tool for free so you can generate all the Zen and Gold you want. We don’t want a single dollar from you. What we want from you is that you just share this with other that you know, so they can have this great chance too. Sharing is caring to remember.

What are you waiting for? Still, hesitate about our hack tool? You no need to worry about it. Our Zenonia 5 Cheats is 100% real and working. And we already give you the proof above right? So take this awesome chance today because who knows, maybe you will never find another beautiful offer like this anymore.


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