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Ace of Arenas Cheats Features

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How to get Ace of Arenas free Diamonds?

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About Ace of Arenas Game

This free game was released for Android and iOS around the year of 2013. Yes, this game is an old game but still the most favorable among mobile players. Over one million players download this game from Google Play Store and this game got the ratings 4.1 out of 5, that is a pretty rating for a mobile game.

For those who don’t know what game is this, Ace of Arenas is an online MOBA game. A game that looks and played like DOTA on PC. This game is all about destroying the base building of your enemy’s. Team up with 5 of your teammates to fight 5 of your enemies in a heart-pumping map. Coordinate your attack with your teammates and achieve victory over your opponents.

What Makes This Game Different

Some of you have probably known that there are many MOBA games out there on Google Play Store like Vainglory, League of Masters, Call of Champions, Heroes of Soulcraft and much more. But Ace of Arenas has its own unique features. And the uniqueness of this s game besides the variety of champions is the innovative controls that this game has. No more tapping around your screen to move your champion, just swipe your way to the victory.


Before you jump into the online gameplay, we recommend you take the tutorial stage first. Because if you are really new to MOBA games, you will have confusion at the first time playing this game. Head to the tutorial where you can see and learn every basic in this game. Learn how to move your champion, how to attack, use the spell and gaining victory. Learn all of it at the tutorial and you are ready enough to take the online game session.

When you play the online session, keep in mind that you need a coordinated strategy to win. Don’t just rush over the buildings of the enemy base. Use your strategy, coordinate with teammates and then launch your plan together. Remember that this game is 5 vs 5 so the enemy probably will attack you in the group so don’t rush alone in this game.

Level up and customize your champion to become stronger and more powerful than ever before. Ace of Arenas allows you to deep customize your champion with tons of weapons to choose from. All of the customization require an in-game currency in order so you can buy it.

In-App-Purchases vs Ace of Arenas Hack

Ace of Arenas offers you a deep customization over your champion. But you are going to need the in-game currency to buy them all. This game uses Diamonds as the most valuable currency. You can buy almost anything with Diamonds. But Diamonds are not easy to come up. Either you wait for it in the game or you can buy it with real money you have.

If you purchase Diamonds with your real money, you get the Diamonds straight to your account instantly. That is the easy way to get Diamonds for a rich boy. If you are just a casual players who don’t have much money, we have the best way for you. You can use our Ace of Arenas Hack to generate as many Diamonds as you want for FREE. Yes, all the Diamonds are free for you. We don’t ask your money if you use our hack tool. Now this is your chance to have a one step ahead in this game.



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