Some of you have probably played Empires and Allies on Facebook am I right? Well, the better version of the game is already released years ago on Play Store. If you haven’t tried it, maybe it’s the perfect time to play the game. Or if you have already downloaded the game and played it for some times, I have few Empires and Allies tips and tricks to ease you and dominate all the other players. To know further for the tips, take a look at the detail below.

4 Empires and Allies Tips and Tricks You Should Try

Empires and Allies Gameplay

1. Storage Over Production

Resources is important in this game, but the most important thing before that is the storage capacity. With a small capacity, you will only store a few resources while you get a lot of them when attacking. It’s a waste of good materials. So, before you do anything else, increasing your storage capacity would be a great idea to start.

2. Good Mixture of Defensive Structures

Your enemy will attack you with a variety of troops. Each different troop could make a trouble for your defense. To tackle this problem, you can try to mix up the defensive structures with a variety of weapons. With such strategy, you can anticipate if the enemy sending large troops with different features.

3. Attacking

Before you want to attack other player’s base, you need to prepare everything. Preparedness is the key to gain victory because your enemy will not give up without a fight. Plan your attack comprehensively where you will deploy your first troops and think about the waves of the attack. The cunning strategy is needed to play this game.

4. Getting Gold

Gold is the main currency to fasten everything up. Getting it is going to be tricky. There are some few ways you can try including buying it with real money out of your pocket. But there’s no better way than to use Empire and Allies cheats. It’s the best way if you are struggling with the lack of Gold.


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