Do you play the cute game called Wonder Zoo? It’s a nice game to play if you are an animal lover. It’s a game from Gameloft where you can collect plenty of animals and make a zoo for them to live in. The point of this game is that you take care as many animals as you can and you brag to your friends about how beautiful your zoo is. But you can’t do that without Coins. And that’s why I want to share with you some tips and tricks about how to get Wonder Zoo Coins easily without so many hassles.

The tips that I’m about to tell you is based on my own experience. I’ve played this game for about two months maybe now and I can give you one or two words about how to get the Coins pretty easily. Let’s learn the guides below.

Tips About How To Get Wonder Zoo Coins

Wonder Zoo Tips and Tricks

1. Save Your Coins At The Early Game

When you start the game, you will earn a lot of Coins. But you don’t need to always use it then because you really should save it for later. You should save it because in the later game, the journey ahead is much harder and you’ll need a lot of Coins to make it easy.

2. Daily Rewards

Every day you play the game, it will reward you with the daily check-in reward. And day by day, you can collect a decent amount of Wonder Zoo free Coins by doing so. It’s an easy peasy way, isn’t it?

3. Connect Your Facebook

Every game from Gameloft can be connected to the Facebook account. You need to do this because by doing so, you can get plenty of Coins.

4. Use a Generator

You might have already know that there are tons of Wonder Zoo Hack Tool out there on the internet. You may want to try one of them because it’s an easy way. With that kind of generator tool, you can generate as many free Coins as you want. Choose the tool carefully because there are also fake tools out there.


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