Zenonia is an action RPG that released on Android and iOS. Many users must know about this one, I’m one of the fans of this game actually. I already played the first until the newest one. But, what I like the most is Zenonia 5. Because this is the best one in my opinion. So, today I will give you Zenonia 5 gear guide for all of you who need it.

Zenonia 5 Gear Guide, How to Obtain it Easily?

In playing Zenonia 5, you need something that called luck. If you don’t have it, you won’t get any best gear that you want. So, that’s why today I will give you Zenonia 5 tricks to get free gear. To cure your curiosity, check out the list below.

zenonia 5 boss battle

  • Defeat the Boss: Yeah, this is the best method that I will give you. Defeat the boss in the boss stage really helpful to get powerful gear. It’s not too powerful but, for your early journey, it is quite helpful.

Zenonia 5 abyss tower

  • Abyss Dungeon: The best place to obtain your best gear set. The deeper you go in, the powerful gear that you will get. Of course, the challenge will also get stronger. You need a lot of patience and strategy when going inside this creepy place.

zenonia 5 quest

  • Quest: Actually, I do not really recommend this one. Because I don’t like waiting. In order to get the gear, you need to wait until you complete the quest. For some people like, it’s kinda hassling. But, if you type of people who have a lot of patients, this is your great chance because you will get a powerful weapon in the end.

zenonia 5 shop

  • Buy on the Shop: The last tips from me. Buy it on the shop. If you have a lot of zen. This is your best choice I think. You don’t need to fight any monsters or do any quest. Just buy with zen and you will get it immediately.  Oh yeah guys, if you don’t have enough zen, you can use, Zenonia 5 zen hack to obtain it for free.

I think it’s enough for today article about Zenonia 5 gear guide. Hopefully, it will help you fellow friends who play this game and have difficulties getting the gear. Don’t forget to share this one with your beloved friends or everyone who need it. See you again next time and I will give you a better experience while playing your beloved game.


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