Everyone probably knows this game whether it’s kids or adults, they still love to play this addicting game. This is the result when GTA married with Minecraft and then they have kids called Block City Wars. This is a great combination where open-world game meets the 144p graphics. So today, I want to share something interesting about this game. This is the Block City Wars Gameplay Review.

The Good

Well, if I want, to be honest about this game, I say that this game is pretty good. In fact, this game is probably the best free game that features online open-world gameplay. You will adore how this game will immerse you in its gameplay. Don’t look at this game from the graphics, because you already know what 144p graphics look like. It won’t be fair if you review this game through the graphics.

We all love the game because the gameplay is so addicting and we can compete against other people from around the world. This game also has tons of weapons you can choose to annihilate your enemies. And besides the guns, there are tons of vehicles you could try on your mayhem.

The Bad

Well, when talking about the bad, every Android game nowadays have one same thing. It’s the currency system. This game uses “Cash” as the name for the currency. And the thing that makes this game imbalance is that only a player who spend real money in the game that can dominate the game. Why? Because the paid players are paid for the in-game currency to purchase guns and all the necessary things to make them dominate the game. But if you looking for something tricky, you can try some of the Block City Wars Hack that the internet offered to you. It’s not a shame if you just do it to get a few of Cash to your account.

The Verdict of Block City Wars Gameplay Review

Block City Wars Game

Well, I can’t totally say that this game is bad or really good. On one side, this game proof to be so much promising. The open-world system and the battle with other players are pretty amazing for a free game. The only downfall is the currency system where you will desperately need Cash to keep dominating other players. It’s all up to you whether you want to spend your money on the game or not. All I can say is that this game worth a try.


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