Shadowgun Deadzone game is a great third person shooter game where you compete against players around the world. It’s a shooter game that requires you to have full attention while playing. This game is a spin-off of the game Shadowgun, but this one is multiplayer. I’ve been playing this game for three years and I can say that I’m getting good at this. Do you want to know my Shadowgun Deadzone tips and tricks for beginners like you? Well, just keep reading my writing down below, I will tell you all my experience playing this game.

My First Time Experience

When I started played this game years ago, I start as a newbie, a freshman who don’t know what to do. For a new player like me while ago, this game proved to be hard to master. There’s no such thing as a tutorial stage in this game. So, the minutes I finished downloading the game I straightly jump into the online battle. And as I can predict, I got shot easily by other players.

It was really hard for the first timer. You need a lot of things to learn. But as I learn from my mistakes, I’m getting the grip of this Shadowgun Deadzone game. One thing that I learned to be good is that I start to grind for more cash in the game. Cash is used to buy you a weapon you need to kill your enemies. There are lots of weapons you can choose like SMG, Shotgun, laser gun, and sniper rifle.

My Shadowgun Deadzone Tips and Tricks

Shadowgun Deadzone Game

1. Choose Your Loadout

Choosing the right weapon that suits your playstyle is very important. Every player of this game has their own preferences of guns. I myself love to use SMG because it has great fire rate and it’s very effective in close to medium range.

2. Power-ups

Get a few amount of Gold? The good way to spend a Gold is a purchase for Power-ups. It can really benefit you in many ways. It can make you run faster than everyone else or it can double up your damage mitigation. All I want to say is that if you have some Gold, invest it in Power-ups items. But it does have a disadvantage. The problem with this is that you will require some huge amount of Gold and if you need that I recommend you to use Shadowgun Deadzone Hack. I often use that to earn some extra free Gold. It’s okay to use that if you’re looking for an easy way.

3. Learn The Map Layout

In every online shooter game, remembering the layout of the map is really crucial. You can have the advantage if you know the terrain while you’re in combat. I myself need a couple of weeks to memorize the map layout so I can step ahead of the enemy. I know all the hiding spot and I can use that for my own good.

So, that’s all the Shadowgun Deadzone Tips and Tricks from me. I hope all the tips can improve you in your gaming stats. See you in the match, my friends.


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