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Before you use our tool, you may want to read the features and the instructions about how to use our hack tool and get the Gold to your account. Below is the information.

Block City Wars Cheats Features

1). AJAX System
2). Hack-Buster system
3). Lite Speed Technology System
4). MD5 Hash Protection
5). COMODO Firewall ( Safe from malware and viruses )
6). MariaDB ( The most effective database system )
7). LGT High Technology

How to use Block City Wars Generator

1. Click on the Button below
2. Once you in the generator site, click “Start Now”
3. Fill the username/email of your Block City Wars Account
4. Choose how many Gold and Cash that you need for your account
5. After that click “Connect”
6. Wait a while for our Block City Wars Hack tool to connect to your game server
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8. Check your Block City Wars account
9. Enjoy all the Gold and Cash

About Block City Wars Game

Released around the year of 2013 for both Android and iOS platform, this game received good critics among players and game critics. With the ratings 4.5 out of 5, this game is surely a fun game to play. And what make this game even greater, that this game is free to play on Play Store and AppStore

Imagine a game like GTA Online but with the graphics like Minecraft. Feels the excitement where you will meet real players from around the world in one game. With online mode, this game surely amuses the player with its crazy gameplay. All in all this game is worth a try to kill your spare time.

What Makes This Game Special

There are tons of game like this but only a few of it that is really fun to play. And the things that make this game special is that this game is an open-world gameplay and there are two modes to play it, either sandbox style or deathmatch with other players. So, that means with the open-world style, you can explore the map in the game, find some easter eggs and do many crazy things with your friends.

Gameplay of Block City Wars

If you familiar with the game like Pixels Guns, you won’t have a problem with the gameplay mechanics because it has a very similar gameplay. There are lots of things hat you can do in this game. There is two modes currently in the game, a sandbox gameplay and PVP deathmatch with other players.

If you choose to play sandbox style, you will free to explore the game map with or without other players. Try the co-op mission with your friends, the mission is so fun to do especially if you do it with the friends that you know. Explore the map together, shoot a bunch of people, crash some cars into the wall and many fun more fun things to do. If you like the bloodbath gameplay style, head to the PVP deathmatch and kill all the players in your sights. It is a fun way to play this game.

Shoot all of the players with tons of crazy weapons in your inventory like AK-47, Famas, and even a Mini-Gun! Shoot and explode all players in the deathmatch mode and be the number 1 in the leaderboards. Customize your weapon and your character with unique attributes to make yourself stand out from the others. All in all, this game will blow your mind away!

In-App-Purchase vs Block City Wars Hack

To make yourself stand out from the others, you need to pimp out your character with weapons and other stuff. There are tons of options to customize your character, but to do that you will need Gold and Cash. In order to get them, you have to play it again and again for a long time until you have enough currencies to buy stuff. The easy way to get Gold and Cash in this game is by buying it with real money you have through the microtransaction.

But we can offer you the better way to get Gold and Cash. We offer you Block City Wars Hack for free so you can generate Gold and Cash to your game account for free. Yes! All the Gold and Cash are for you without spending a single money you have. So go ahead use the hack tool and all the currencies are for you to buy all the stuff you want in the game.


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